About Me

I can’t think of a better Me, than “Me” nor a better You, than “You” 

We’re all unique in some creative way, and our tastes can differ vastly or can be similarly the same. Isn’t that just the beauty of being human?!?!

My name is Lea-Ann aka “The Bariatric Knitter” and I suspect I’m the new kid on the proverbial social media block. I’ve been a “creative” for much of my 57 years in a variety of different mediums including pottery, porcelain, leather tooling, sewing and my very first love fiber.

I’ve sheared the sheep & alpacas, I’ve scoured the wool, I’ve carded it, I’ve dyed it and I’ve spun it, and at my age, with children grown and fledged from the nest, I’ve retired from the intensive labour of going from raw to finished, and surrendered the belief that I could do it “all”, and purchase bare yarns from New Zealand to continue in my passion & craft developing Indie Dyed Yarns.

I reside in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada…which is in the northern portion of Ontario. We get heaps of snow up here and long winters compared to the south. Many in our parts live for such things as snowmobiling, ice fishing, hiking, quading and camping in the wilderness, and of course Sweater weather… which makes life so very wonderful to be a fiberist!