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The Dye Challenge

The Sweet Yarns Collection

What Indie Dyer doesn’t get excited to have their skills and colour theory tested? Come visit our collaboration with LYS Sweet Yarns in Sudbury, Ontario, where their Customers test my knowledge for monthly skein giveaways!

Know Your Yarn Bases & What Your Buying

100% Wool, Super Wash, Tweeds, Nylon, Polymide, Merino, Silk, Linen, Cashmere, Yak, Microns, 25%, 15%, Virgin… So much info to find the perfect fiber to create your project.

Let’s Navigate Through The Yarn Bases

Yarn Bases 101

So you’ve got that one skein in your stash that does not coordinate or play “nice” with any other yarn in your collection… what to do?

We now offer dye powder by the 1 gram packages to be purchased as singles or in coordinating colour packs to overdye or create your own unique colourways

Dye Your Own

How About Them Tools & Accessories?!?!?

Be the envy of your crafting crew with our Tools & Accessories - the perfect combination of must-haves and on-trend extras to make your fibers fly! From the indispensable knitting rings and measuring tape to the totally unnecessary (but totally adorable!) LED Lights, pins and brooches, and needle cases, these goodies will have you reaching for your WIPs faster than you can say "yarn-over"!

Tools & Accessories

Don’t Want To Make A Decision On Your Next Project?

Feeling uninspired? Take the guesswork out of your next project with one of our inspiring Kits! Perfect for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, our kits make sure you won't be left standing there wondering what to do next! Pick from our one-time purchases or a monthly club option – get ready for an adventure like no other!

Pattern Kits

Mini’s Are Like Potato Chips, Sometimes You Just Can’t Get Enough!

Add some scrappy fun to your next project with our cool collection of scrap yarn! We've got everything you need to put a whimsical spin on your DIY project, from solid, tonal, and variegated skeins to strange and colorful tweeds. Unleash your creativity with our 20- and 10-gram grab bags and singles! Be your crafty self!

Mini Skeins & Grab Bags

OUCH! The Prices of Books!

Don't get stuck with a book that doesn't fit your needs! Our book reviews offer detailed opinions on the latest and greatest releases, so you can buy with confidence knowing the book is perfect for you. Plus, with the price of books these days, you can't afford not to know what you're getting. Get the scoop on which books are worth the splurge and which are better left on the shelf!

Book Reviews

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Our Bariatric-friendly Foodie Recipes are packed full of flavor and nutrition, while offering low-calorie and higher protein comfort foods and quick meals. prep-ahead tips, and meals-on-the-go, no need to worry about whether you‘re on a weight loss journey or not - enjoy these delicious recipes no matter your dietary journey, and have more time to be working on those WIPS!


Flogging My Favourites!

As a Bariatric Patient, you don't have to sacrifice great-tasting food! Experience fabulous flavors with recipes that incorporate Watkins Extracts, Flavourings and Spices - no matter if you're on a journey to better health or just looking for delicious food - a rep for Watkins has you covered with substitutions for any dietary needs. Yummy and guilt-free!

Extracts, Flavourings & Spices

Join Me In Creating a Hand Knit Wardrobe!

Tall, short, robust, or thin, we are as unique in our body type as we are in our skin tone and the colours that make us shine!

2023 is the year I’m knitting for me, and I’m excited to share in this journey as we look deeply into various designers, patterns, colour and of course fiber!

I welcome you to join me on this adventure and share your creations too!

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Sock Sets For The Sock Addict

By The Colourway

    If there’s anything worthy you want to achieve in your lifetime… Let it be Kindness….

    Lea-Ann Williamson aka The Bariatric Knitter

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